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List of the references made in the game! (Mini-SPOILER)

There are many references throughout the game. Did you manage to recognize them all?

  1. Ao Oni. This one's pretty much obvious. You can find it in chapter one when you're researching about urban legends.
  2. Forbidden Siren. Similar to Ao Oni's reference, but this one has a real-life website! Here's the link: http://www.shibito.com/e/p_2_hp.html
  3. Silent Hill. The stun gun is actually a reference to Heather Mason's stun gun. Both were given by each protagonist's father due to their overprotective nature.
  4. Amagami. In the hotel, you can find an actress named Haruka with a long straight black hair and blue eyes. Much recognizable if you've played the game/watched the anime/read the manga.
  5. Project Gray. There's reference to the developer's next project in chapter one. Since it's going to leak a few infos, let's not talk about it, shall we?
  6. Pewdiepie. There's a trigger in the big bedroom on chapter one when you've just been taken back to the mansion. Three barrels will explode and the date when Pewdiepie became the most suscribed YouTube channel will be shown.
  7. Kamen Rider Kiva. The song Rainy Rose is an image song for a character in the tokusatsu series Kamen Rider Kiva. It is referencing to Maya, the 1986's Fangire Queen in the story.
  8. Corpse Party. Kayako mentioned Corpse Party after she saw all the corpses in the underground archive in chapter 1.
  9. Stephen Kings. The way Shirokage explains the final stage of the lost dimension's memory-based place is a reference to one of Stephen Kings' story about terror.
  10. Ringu. In chapter 2, there's well in the alley. If you interact with it, you'll trigger the Sadako jumpscare. This was going to be one of the bad endings, but cancelled midway due to extreme laziness of the developer :)
  11. The Legend of Zelda. In Taiga's room, you can find Link's Hylian Shield.
  12. The Crooked Man. The way Yukiko kisses Haruto in chapter 4 is a reference to Sissy kissing David Hoover in the first act of The Crooked Man.
  13. Yume Nikki. One of Shirokage's "patients" is a lucid dreamer which has many "dreams" inside her dream. Also, it is also mentioned once again in the normal end with Kayako. This is all a reference to Madotsuki.
  14. Fatal Frame. Throughout the final chapter, documents regarding the relation between Kunihiko Asou (the inventor of Camera Obscura) and the Kirihara family can be found. In chapter zero, the Himuro mansion is also referenced!
  15. AKB48. The reason why the number of savefile available is 48 files.

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Chapter Three Walkthrough


  • Right after the cutscene, go to the north until you've entered the main building.
  • Go upstairs, then left. Go to the middle cell, take the knife, and go to the upper cell. Go down and re-enter the building.
  • Go to the south. In this room you've to press A to use the camera blitz to find your path. Go to the southwest room, grab the key, return to the entrance.
  • Go to the 3rd floor. Be careful that there's a piano wire trap that will decapitate Yuuki if not cut.
  • Use the key on the red shelf. Go back to the dark room. This time, just go to the west.
  • Cut the piano wire and proceed outside. Enter the shrine.
  • Proceed until you'll face Psycho Yuuki. In order to fight back, you'll have to use the katanas scattered in the room. You can win or lose here, no gameover. After this, Yuuki's part is over.


  • After the cutscene, just go straight to the north. Be ready to avoid a boulder trap.
  • Then, go upstairs. Just to the middle floor. Enter the door and go straight to the north.
  • Go down and you'll find 3 waterfall that you might be able to jump to and survives. Jump from the left waterfall and enter the cavern next to you.
  • There's a lots of shibitos here. Avoid them and go to the east, then north. You'll find a room with Shirokage inside it. After the cutscene, go outside and go to the northeastest part of the room. You'll find a door that leads to a room that's half frozen.
  • Enter the door on the east. Go down and enter the door on the northeast. Then, go west. Outside, go up, then right.
  • Examine and use the Dragon Stone Tablet you've received from Shirokage.
  • Enter the now unlocked path on the north.
  • After the cutscene, go to the room on the northwest. Right after the cutscene, re-enter the room.
  • After that, exit the room and now go to the northeast door. Enter, and then descend to the lowest floor.
  • Grab all the items. Be ready for a chase scene.
  • After the chase scene, go through the underground archive again. Beware, a shibito now lurks inside it. Instead of going up the bedroom, go downstairs instead. Enter the door, and proceed further. You're done with Kayako now.


  • Just follow the path to the mirror shrine and your job is done on chapter 3!

NOTE: If Kayako died on chapter two, Taiga's route will be similar to Kayako's. Except that he doesn't get chased by Yukiko.

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Ending Guide

Normal END 01:
  • Yuuki should be the only one who survives.
  • You must have a low psycho point. Lower than 4 points.
Normal END 02:
  • Kayako has to survive.
  • Taiga has to die.
  • You must have a low psycho point. Lower than 4 points.
Normal END 03:
  • Kayako has to die.
  • Taiga has to survive.
  • You must have a low psycho point. Lower than 4 points.
Bad END 01:
  • Use the items in wrong order during the finale.
Bad END 02:
  • Has psycho point more or equal to 4 points.
Good END:
  • Every character has to survive.
  • You must have a low psycho point. Lower than 4 points.
True END:
  • You must enter this password at the beginning of the game: 230497 on the mirror in your bedroom.
  • Every character has to survive.
  • You have to get tbe Heart of Ice inside a red drawer at chapter one. It's inside the room where you will find a wooden plank.
  • You have to unlock the room in chapter 5 with Saeko's bedroom key and contact the Ice God.

How Taiga can die:
  • If you have a high psycho point (more than or equal to 3), Taiga will be killed by Yuuki in chapter 3 finale.
  • The same thing will happen if you lost to Psycho Yuuki.
  • Taiga can also be killed canonically if you lost against the headmaster in chapter 5.
How Kayako can die:
  • If you didn't run fast enough, Kayako can be killed by Yukiko in chapter 2.
  • If you open the door in chapter 4 by using the kooritsurugi, Kayako will be killed in the process.
How you accumulate Psycho Point:
  • By saying no to the priest in chapter 1.
  • By siding with Kayako in chapter 1.
  • By destroying the snowman in chapter 2.
  • By attacking your father in chapter 2.
  • By prioritizing to find Saeko's room instead of finding Taiga in chapter 2.
  • By winning against Psycho Yuuki.
  • By lying to Kayako. Double the effect if you answered that lying is not good to the priest in chapter 1.

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Chapter Two Walkthrough


  • After the cutscene, leave the room. Go to your house. Talk to the snowman after you have tried to open the door. Get his pendant from a hole at the alley.
  • Return the pendant and now the house should be accessable. Proceed to the living room. Talk to the mysterious person. Now you've two choices:
  1. Kill Your Own Father. Pick up the katana on the table and attack him by letting yourself get caught.
  2. Wait for Shirokage's Exorcism. In order to do this, you have to distract Yuuki's father for some times.
  • Either way, the fight will end. After the cutscene, pick up the key on the table and go downstairs to enter the door that has been unlocked.
  • Outside, go to the south. You'll find a small village. Go to the southest house and go to the underground tunnel by climbing down the rope stairs at the west part of the house.
  • Proceed through the tunnel to meet up with Kayako. Now return to the village and go inside the white building at the northeast of the village. Beware that there's several traps inside it.
  • Step on the panel. Now you will control Kayako. Go to the another panel and step on it. The traps will be deactivated and you can now access the residency area of the building.
  • Go to the bottom part. Enter the room on your left. Examine the paper and then the red shelf insert the key on the top left keyhole.
  • Exit the room and go to the mid-right section. Enter the room that is not locked and read the notes on the floor. The numbers on the notes are about the directions of the clock.
  • Exit the room and go to the top-left room. Proceed like this: MIDDLE-RIGHT-LEFT unless you want to be shot by firearm traps.
  • Enter Saeko's room and examine everything in the room. Get the demon stone tablet and return to the hall where you met Kayako earlier. Boom, your role as Yuuki in this chapter is over.


  • Return to the residency area of the white building. You'll find Kayako's phone at the bottom part of the map.
  • Be ready to sprint. After this when you're going to return to the place where the 4 statues are Yukiko will appear and chase you. If you die now it won't result in game over, but Kayako will be dead for the rest of the game.
  • Run to the place where the 4 statues are and you're done with Kayako's part in this chapter!

          TAIGA ASOU

  • After the cutscene, immediately go upstairs. Examine the control panel outside of the library and then go down to the first floor and enter the door at the center of the map.
  • Go to the east hall. You'll notice that a door suddenly opens by itself. Enter the room and retrieve the key to open the control panel.
  • Return to the three-way hall. Enter the door at the north. Read the bible and take a look at the numbers.
  • Go back upstairs to the control panel. Open it and insert the passcode. After that the library will be opened.
  • Check the bookshelf at the center of the room. After that examine these bookshelves and press the button in order: down-right, up-left, up-right, down-left, center. After that, a secret elevator will be revealed.
  • Descend with the elevator and go to the room on your left. Read the book on the northest part of the map and go back. You'll have to unlock the door while avoiding the corpse-people.
  • After that, run away to the entrance and use the key. Bam! Chapter 2's done!

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Chapter One Walkthrough


  • After you’ve entered your room and finished the cutscene, go to Taiga’s room. It’s room 619.
  • After that, you have to at least trigger two events inside the hotel:
  1. The Akamanto. Go to the women’s toilet on the 6th floor, you’ll soon notice that the lights suddenly went out. Check the last toilet stall and go back to the door to trigger the Akamanto’s haunting. Any choice you pick will lead to a unique death scene. In order to avoid getting killed, press the x button.
  2. Lunch Time. Go to the 2nd floor and talk to the chef. Any food you choose has no effect whatsoever other than just adding a point to progress further.
  3. Meet the Actress. Still on the 2nd floor, just go to the north. Eventually, you’ll see a stage with a woman standing on the center. Talk to her. This is of course, a reference to an anime.
  4. The Priest. Go to the 1st floor and go to the east. You’ll find a church inside the hotel. Talk to the priest and you’ll be given an option. This will affect the later chapter’s choice consequence.

    There are also several unique events in the hotel, but they’re all just a death easter-egg. When you’re done with at least 2 of those events above, interact with your bed inside your room.
  • Right after you’ve re-entered the lost dimension, go back inside the room that was supposed to be your hotel room. Get the wooden plank on the west part of the room and get out.
  • Go to the northeast part of the hall, enter the room that isn’t locked and get the second wooden plank at the north part of the room. After that, exit.
  • Go to the southeast part of the hall, grab the third wooden plank and then go the southwest part of the hall. You’ll notice a gap. Put the wooden planks and cross it.
  • Enter the room. You’re now inside a labyrinth. Grab a note and write down the correct path. It doesn’t matter if you later forget the order or which path should be taken since the traps are all visible this time.
  • After you’ve found a lever, go the westest part of the labyrinth, and then go the southest part. You’ll find a switch without the lever. Interact with it and choose LEFT when the choice is given. Viola, now all the traps have been deactivated!
  • Now you can pass through the path that was guarded by the trap. Go there and avoid reading the note or you will be shown a unique death scene.
  • Pick up the pickaxe in the next room. After that, exit the room and you’ll notice that the labyrinth is no longer there.
  • Go the southeast part of the hall, enter the room. Go the northeast part of the big bedroom. You’ll find a crack on the wall. Use the pickaxe and go inside the crack. Take the lower path to avoid the trap. Once you’ve got the key, it is recommended to save right now. After that, exit the crack.
  • Now,  you’ll be faced with your first red ghost encounter. Just maneuver around them. After you’ve exited the bedroom, go to the top middle part of the hall and unlock the door.
  • After the cutscene, go downstairs and go through the door. Go to the piano. Examine it, then, go to the west part of the map. Grab the wooden plank, then enter the first door from the left.
  • Inside, interact with the piano twice. You’ll receive a piano sheet. Go outside and interact with the piano. By playing it, a door will be unlocked.
  • Go to the east part of the map. Enter the unlocked door. Inside, pick up the wooden plank. After that, exit the room.
  • Avoid every single purple ghost. Go to the southest part of the map. Watchout for a trap. After the final stairway you should be able to spot a wooden plank. Grab it and go to the middle of the gap’s edge. Put the wooden planks and proceed through. Enter the room, and Yuuki’s part for this chapter is done.
  • Right after you've exited the hotel room, go the southeast part of the map. Be careful that you can die of freezing here if you stay longer.
  • Inside the mansion, go to the south. In the next hall, go the south as well. Climb down the rope ladder and enter the crack on your right.
  • Be ready to press SHIFT here when Kayako jumps. Immediately take the key inside rubbles. Use it to unlock the door on the northeast.
  • When you're inside, read the notes that you'll find. After that, exit the room by going through a doorway at the northwest of the room.
  • Go up and you'll find yourself in a new large bedroom. Go to the east part of the room, then go up north. Be ready to double jump again. After that, take the key in the red dresser.
  • Exit the room by going through the door on the south part of the map. Go back to the hall where you entered the mansion. Enter the door at the east of the hall.
  • Go upstair and unlock the door with your new key.
  • When you're told to hide, hide under the table. Stay hidden until Kayako herself want to get out. After that, examine the human carcass. You'll find a knife.
  • When the you're about to exit the room, be ready to button smash. Remember: every jammed door in the game can be unjammed.
  • Now, follow Yuuki's trail. Use the knife to cut the branches that block your path.
  • Keep following Yuuki. Enter the right door.
  • Inside, go upstair by taking the stairs at the southwest part of the map. After that, go to the east, then north. Unjam the door on your left.
  • Inside, take the rusty key. After that, go downstairs. Enter the room on your south. Go to the next room and you'll find a heap of phosphorus. Take them and go back upstairs. Go to the west wing of the school.
  • Find the chemistry lab. Do science, remove the rust, and viola, now you can enter the principle's office.
  • Inside the principle's room, examine the paper on the desk. You'll notice that someone is standing behind principle's chair. Talk to him and prepare to RUN to the basement.
  • Save your game in the basement. After you've met Shirokage, enter the gate. Now you have to run to the end of the tunnel. Unjam the door, and Kayako's part in this chapter is done!

          TAIGA ASOU

  • Immediately go to the north. Interact with the sword and then go to the south. Red ghosts will appear. Run to the southeast part of the map.
  • Interact with the third elevator from the left. Red ghosts will appear here as well and you'll have to avoid them until the elevator arrives, and now you're done with chapter one!

      Chapter Zero Walkthrough

      • The Cat is under the stairs at the alley.
      • The oil is at the shelf inside the room with a spirit echo.
      • The lantern is on the table inside the room on the south of the room where you found the oil.
      • You have to avoid blood pools as much as you can in chapter zero.
      • The key to the locked room in the west wing is inside a drawer in the hot spring room.
      • Inside the room you’ve unlocked, there’s a trap deactivator that will deactivate all the traps, which will make the chase scene a lot easier.
      • When the lights are out, you’ve to look back. Unless of course, you want to see a death scene.
      • Make use of your 8-tile maneuver ability. Every ghost in the game can only maneuver in 4 directions.
      • After the chase, return to your house and go to the bathroom. After that, go outside to meet Taiga.
      • If you want to see certain death scene, bring the laptop when the choice is given.

      Rabu, 11 Juni 2014

      Chapter Three released! Chapter Four concept, summer holiday, etc.

      Chapter three's finally RELEASED! Hooray! :D
      The gameplay of Chapter Three will be different IF Kayako died during the finale of her story in Chapter Two. But it's also optional to kill her in that previous chapter as I lowered the difficulty a lot.

      Noticed the new gameplay in this new chapter? I got the idea from my childhood (story time starts...now). When I was a child, during a blackout, I asked my mom to lend me her handphone. Then, I used her phone to light the room by using it's camera flash because her phone doesn't have the normal flashlight function. I remembered about that day and used the idea in Chapter Three :)

      Oh yes, did you noticed that now you can walk in diagonal direction? XD

      By the way, I'm going to work on Chapter Four during the summer holiday. Don't expect it to be done as fast as Chapter Three as I need to have myself a holiday too :)

      Here's the next chapter's concept:
      -Yuuki and her friends (if they survived) will only play a little role in the next chapter.
      -The new chapter will be focused on Yukiko's life.
      -Sometime you'll be playing as HARUTO in the next chapter. Yes, you'll be playing as the one who reincarnated as Taiga!
      -More emphasis on the story of course. The game itself is a horror-storybased game :)

      and many more. I just can't reveal every concept to guys/gals :D

      Anyway, that's pretty much it for now. See you guys in the future! Bye :D